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We Give Back To The Homeless

Davis Dinners, gives back to our community twice a  month by feeding the homeless in the Los Angeles area. Every dinner party we book, 10% goes towards feeding the homeless. 

When you purchase a Sunday dinner, we give a free dinner and personal hygiene pack to a person in need.

"Volunteer Opportunities" 

Next Charity Event: Thursday, January 26, 2023 

Feeding The Homeless In Skidrow.

Volunteer Opportunities :

10:30a.m -12pm (Preparing Bags of Food).    12:30pm - 2pm (Passing Out Food & Water In Skidrow)

Upcoming Charity Event: March 2023 (Date TBD)

Youth Homeless Center

Davis Dinners,will cater food for 50ppl , accepting donated clothing, & New Shoes, we are also partnering with a local barber to offer free haircuts! Taking Donations also for much needed items for the youth of this facility.

100% of all donations go to benefit the organizations Davis Dinners is sponsoring  

Donate To The Cause
Donate To The Cause
Donate To The Cause